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Welcome to Hannah Kennedy editing and consulting. From writing to blogging to small businesses, we've got your project covered.


I'm Hannah

I'm a writer, wife, and old soul. 

I started this business as a way to work with what I love (writing of any kind) while doing one of my favorite things: helping fellow writers reach their dreams.

Words are important. Any writer knows that a good editor is important, too. With a good editor, your words are clear, your ideas are crisp, and your stories sparkle.  A good editor is your second pair of eyes, your writing buddy, someone to come alongside you in the oft-lonely journey of writing.

I have my Bachelor's degree in writing, and I have experience in fiction, creative nonfiction, blogging, PR, newspaper, tutoring, and social media. I've worked with fellow writers, students, and small businesses to prepare for publication, build writing skills, and create a professional online image.

So no matter what your writing goals are---whether to finally hammer out that rough draft, to nail that term paper, or to build your small business blog---I've got you covered. 


For Writers

Have you always wanted to write a book but need someone to bounce ideas off? Do you have a manuscript that needs some polishing before you send it off to publish? Whatever your needs for the next step in your dream, we can make it happen.

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For Bloggers

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned blogger, a consistent voice and style is essential for your blog to thrive. Put your best foot forward with our personalized range of editing and consulting packages, and make your story shine!

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For Students

Do you need a quick proofread on a paper or writing assignment? Are you stuck trying to put ideas together? Your worrying days are over.

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For Small Businesses

Any business owner know that social media is of utmost important in modern business and marketing. It may seem daunting, but I can help you put together a plan that will boost your internet presence and make you more available to the people you care about most: your clients.

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For Everyone in Between

Are you not quite sure where you fit or what you need? Contact me. We'll put something together.